Terms & Conditions

Guest Posting Terms & Conditions

By submitting a guest article to Mountain Publishing, you agree to the following terms & conditions. These terms & conditions apply to all of the websites within our publishing network:

1. Guest posts must be unique and your own original work. If we find that your article is plagiarised or infringes copyright, we reserve the right to delete it immediately with no explanation.

2. Once published, your guest article becomes the property of the host website. You are not permitted to publish the article elsewhere after it has been published on one of our sites.

3. We reserve the right to edit and/or amend your article as we see fit. We reserve the right to add affiliate links to your article as we see appropriate.

4. We reserve the right to edit or remove links from your article if we consider them to be spam and believe they are in violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines.

5. We do not make any guarantees of reach, website traffic or website rankings.

6. If your article is found to be in breach of any of the terms & conditions listed above, we reserve the right to delete your article without any prior notification. Mountain Publishing will not offer refunds or compensation for any sponsored articles or paid advertising that is deleted due to breaking the terms & conditions listed above.

Last updated March 2019