Guest Posting Guidelines

Guest Posting Guidelines

Ready to submit a guest article? Before you do, please read through our guest posting guidelines.

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1. We expect quality

Your article must be well-written – in English – using impeccable spelling and grammar. If you need to, get somebody to proof-read your article before sending it to us. If we spot one or two small errors, that’s fine, we will correct them – but we simply don’t have the time to re-write your entire article for you.

2. Your article must be unique

Please do not send us articles that have already been published on another website. Google and the other search engines are sensitive when it comes to duplicate content – sending us a copied article will hurt our search rankings and severely reduce the effectiveness of your guest article.

If we accept & publish your article, you must not publish it anywhere else. That includes blogs, social media or places like LinkedIn. See our guest posting terms & conditions for more.

3. Suggested length

As a very rough guide, your article should be between 300 and 2,000 words in length. If you are submitting an infographic or video, it would be useful to include a short introduction.

Submitting a Guest Post

If you are ready to submit a guest post, please email for further information and instructions.